Frequently Asked Questions I've been asked....

Q: Is it true that you run your own site?

A: Yes it is, with the exception of PhotoGuy who takes the pics and video.  Everything else I handle myself.

Q: How often do you add sets to your web site?

A: I add at least one photo set and one video per week, more if I have something special to add, such as maybe a holiday set or a members special request that I really loved.

Q: Do you do private sets or videos, something just for my eyes only?

A: Yes I do.  Simply contact me and let me know what you're wanting and we'll take it from there.

Q: Can I order a private set for myself, even if I'm not a member?

A: From time to time I'm able to fill personal requests, contact me with your request or idea and I'll see if I can get something done for you.

Q: You and Photoguy have a relationship, you've taken his dick often in your site.  How does he just take photos/video of you with other guys dicks?

A: Taking content for my site is his job.  When I'm working on someone's cock he's just the photographer to what's going on, nothing more.

Q: Can I login on my friends computer and let him see your site?

A: Not a good idea.  I would love for everyone to tell their friends about me and my site, but your username/password is strictly private for your own use. The online security that not only protects your information also protects my site from unauthorized entries; multiple logins with the same U/P will result in that account being suspended. Also, I have a daily download limit of 2Gb per day to lower server costs so my site doesn't have to cost more.

Q: You come so close to showing it all, any plans for going full nude?

A: I honestly can't say what the future will show, although I have been seriously considering the move from non-nude to either topless or full nude.  Only time will tell.

Q: Have you ever had any 'experience' with another girl?

A: Actually, yes!  I even have the proof inside my site!

Q: Is it true that you like meeting with members from your site?

A: Yes it's true.  In fact I hold a contest every year where one lucky winning member gets to meet up with me for a day and watch (even possibly participate in) both photo and video shoots.  I've frequently traveled to members homes for photo shoots as well.

Q: What's your favorite position and/or sexual act?

A: For me the best position to fuck is on all fours - doggy style!  I love to get mounted from behind and can take it all night long (partner willing)!!  Reach-arounds are always welcome too. :)

Q: So who are you really?

A: I am the girl in every picture you'll see in my site.  Everything you see in the background in my photos and videos is my stuff (yes I am a geek), I love sci-fi and horror, video games, anime and all things computer related. Oh, and lots and lots of sex!

Q: Is my personal billing info secure on your site?

A: Absolutely! I work through CCBill for all membership and special zip set transactions.  Your personal data is very secure and is NEVER given out to any party.  If you ever have any questions regarding your account with me please feel free to contact me anytime and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

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